A Gift to You from Your Guardian Angels-A Guided Angel Meditation

he Angels are always with us. There are Angles wathcing over everything around us, every blade of grass, every raindrop, every flower. The Angelic realm would love to connect with you. Developing your intuition and pyschic abilities through prayer mediation and dedication are some of the ways we can connect with this Spiritual Realm.
Nature Spirits -part of the Angelic Realm
Angel Advocate Intuitive Counselor and Mystic Alison Carol Blackburn

This Guided Angel Meditation is a gift from your Guardian Angels to you. Each time you use it you will receive a present from them!

If this is your first time taking part in a Guided Angel Meditation Circle, I usually recommend that participants eat lightly, dress comfortably in layers, have a bottle of water and any crystals you might like to use.

*Please note that it is important to refrain from consuming any alcohol or drugs before a taking part in a Guided Angel Meditation Circle!

Please seat yourself in a comfortable position, place your middle fingers and thumbs together in the Angel Mudra, look up to you third eye chakra, located slightly above and between the eyebrows and take a deep full breath in! Exhale when ready.

 *Please be sure that if you have any physical ailments that may disallow taking part in this meditation to contact your doctor before taking part!!!

The Gift- A Guided Angel Meditation which will give the listener a direct connection to the Angelic Realm. Please click on the link below to listen:


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Thank you for your interest in our work, in Onement, love Carol xox