The Angels – a poem

The Angels
A poem written by Alison Carol Blackburn
July 23 2012
Angels, Angels, everywhere!
I see Angels under the stairs!
Sometimes I see them high up above,
Sometimes they come on the wing of a dove.
The Angels surround us with love and with light.
The Angels can help our souls to take flight!
First as Watcher Angels above they do hover,
And once we invite them, then we discover,
The gifts and the joys that the Angels do bring!
The Angels once welcomed, come in with such joy,
They hasten to tell us good ways to employ!
The Angels burst with excitement to be invited by you,
You are the one that the Angels pursue!
From Watcher Angels they evolve, it is spoken,
They become Guardian Angels, much more than a token!
The Angels are hoping that you will befriend them in time,
That the love will be mutual, as a gift of the Divine!
Feel free, ask the Angels for help with whatever,
And watch your prayers being answered, in ways oh so clever!
Enjoy the Angels excitement as they work night and day,
And watch with amazement as the Angels light up the way!
The path that is before you, is uniquely yours.
The Angels can support you, keeping you safe from rocky shores.
The Angels will come to all the parties you attend,
To share in your joy and to help make new friends!
The Angels can lead through risky terrain,
And hold you so closely if you are ever in pain.
The Angels will happily dry up your tears,
Tame anxiety and take away your fears!
They will watch over you closely all through the night,
Play with you happily, and squeeze you so tight!
The Angels can bring us so many varied things,
From love, to a job, to a heart that sings!
The Angels enjoy all of your time together,
And often send messages in the form of a feather!
They delight in finding ways for you to discover,
 That the Angels are real and it is normal they hover!
As you walk along the journey of your life,
In good times and bad, in joy and in strife,
The Angels ask that you welcome them home,
And assure you with kindness that you are never alone!
The Angels do love you, all night and all day,
The Angels can even help you to pray!
Pray for miracles, love and light to abound
And watch with delight as the Angels do surround,
Each of us individually, wholly and singularly!
Each of us is cherished by the Angels above,
And if we ask them politely, they will shower us with love!
The Angels are friends to us, it is true, they will help us forever,
With whatever we do,
That is done with light, good intentions and love.
And if we are patient, we will receive signs from above.
The Angels will happily send messages through,
Replete with goodness and kindness and something so neat,
The knowledge that God so loves us,
He sent the Angels to help us complete,
The path set before us each and every day.
God sent us the Angels, they help clear the way!
And each and every morning as we welcome the Angels in,
Our lives become richer and fuller, allow the laughter to begin!
Yes, the Angels are all around, surround us they do!
They are one of Gods miracles,
And as you are loved, He has sent them to you!