Invocations, Prayers and Mantra’s

Below you will find some short invocations that I wrote for various Guided Angel Meditation Circles.  I chose these as I thought that they seem very timely. They are changed periodically so please come back and visit occasionally!

I hope that you enjoy them!

Birth of Angels
This was a vision given to me when I asked the Creator/God how Angels were created. The viosion came so powerfully. It was another year or so before I started to paint. I had drawn a small sketch and as soon as I was able to I put it onto canvas.

♥Invocation to the Archangels Sandalphon, Ariel and Amarushaya

Dear Friends, beloved Archangels, I thank you for the blessings and gifts that you bring to me this day,

Thank you Sandalphon for wrapping me in your loving energy, helping me to connect deeply with our Divine Mother Earth. Thank you for helping me to open to the abundance of love that is offered to me.

Beloved Ariel I thank you for showering abundance in all good things upon me and all those that I love! Thank you for your generosity and grace.

Dear Amarushaya, thank you for the blessings that you bring. I know that you see exactly what I need and it is given to me. I thank you for the blessings of peace,love, light and joy that fill and surround me.

I bless you and your endeavours, amen!

♥Invocation to the Archangels, Gabrielle, Haniel and Uriel

Beloved Archangels, dear friends, I thank you for your efforts on my behalf this evening. 

Archangel Gabrielle I thank you for helping me to open up and for clearing my third eye, helping me to connect more clearly with the Archangels. This enables me to work with them more easily to co-create my experience!

Archangel Haniel bless you for the gifts of passion and excitement you bring into our lives, which can help us to paint wonderful colours and energy into our co-creations!

And my thanks to Archangel Uriel for helping me with the practical applications required for our work!

I thank you and bless you, amen

 ♥Invocation to our Guardian Angels

Beloved Guardian Angels, Guardian Angels, Guardian Angels, I call upon you asking to receive the gifts that you bring me today! Thank you for bringing me peace and refreshment to my mental body, to my emotional body, to my energy body and to my physical body. Thank you for replenishing my vessel and refreshing my soul!

I bless you and I thank you, amen.