Portait of Mother Mary as She watches over our beloved Mother Earth
This painting represents our Divine Mother Earth and Mother Mary as She watches over us.

♥I have been in so much peace since my reading with you, I can’t thank you enough! I felt so emotional most of the time because (if I try to put it into words) it felt like my inner self/gut feeling/instincts have been trying to tell me everything you told me but because of my ego/self-doubts, I didn’t listen and therefore doubted myself. But by you/ the angels and higher beings confirming it, I was so emotional and it felt like my inner self was screaming “FINALLY SHE GETS IT!!!”, lol

Again, thank you! K.S.

♥ I love to come to the meditations that you give on a regular basis.  I believe this has profoundly affected my life.  Also I do enjoy meditations that are guided by you with your beautiful energy and soothing voice.  It is because of listening to you as you guide us and then imitating what you say that I have been able to connect clearly with the angels.  I appreciate you taking the time to confirm what I have been hearing from the angels.  This has helped me to trust that I am truly hearing guidance and not just my own wants and desires. I love your sense of humor and how it reminds me to not take my life so seriously.  

Thank you very much:) Mary.

♥Carol’s work with me over the phone has been a such blessing! While being away, knowing that I can have her support in challenging time has made all the difference. Carol helped me keep my prayers and focus clear. She is truly gifted, welcoming, warm and compassionate! I also love her sense of humour… But mostly, her readings are insightful and hit the nail right on the head! I recommended her to some far away friends who have benefited from her guidance and “Angel Work”, even over the phone.The world needs people such as Carol and I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her!  Thank you dearest Carol!


♥Carol is a gifted, caring, compassionate and insightful Angel Intuitive.  Her sessions are filled with love, peace, understanding and compassion.  She will help you clarify the issues you are facing and help you understand these issues from the highest spiritual perspective

Carol has participated in over 150 Angel Circles and is a wise and experienced spiritual coach.  You will find her sessions very helpful and uplifting.  She has been been working with me since 2005 and I am confident that you will appreciate working with her.

-Christopher James Dilts,  Founder of Ask An Angel.

♥Hi Carol, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the gift of your energy and healing words during the Angel reading. I thought that it would be difficult to remember everything that you and the angels had communicated, but as the days move on, I find that more and more comes back to me.  I keep referring to your site in order to refresh some of the tools I have learned.  

I felt extremely comfortable in your presence and felt very supported and nurtured. I hope that we can reconnect sometime soon. I am excited about learning how to meditate more mindfully and use the gifts that I have to heal myself, my daughter and rediscover my path.  

Thank you, Carol and Thank you, Angels.


♥Hi Carol, I am grateful to have had  the opportunity to participate in your angel meditation at the workshop of two weeks ago. What a beautiful experience!!!  I feel as though I have extra support these days.  Thank you  very much. 

Recently I have experienced past life regressions.  I met Archangel Gabriel through this process.  This experience at your workshop has helped to reinforce my connection with my angels and my life feels different now.

God Bless You,

Smiles unlimited,  Mary D.

♥Carol’s great gift is to translate the messages your Angels have for you with specific meaning and application in your life. Her warm support, clarity, generosity and care flow through your sessions with her and lifts you into the all caring arms of your angels. She is first class and will make an enormous, beautiful difference in your life starting immediately!”

-Dianne Legro  Speaker, Author Business Owner

♥I met Carol last year and was attracted to her beautiful energy. Carol has done some Angel card readings for my friends and me. She is extremely intuitive and has been bang on and truly helpful to all of us. Any meeting with Carol leaves you feeling blessed.

-Karen Ripplinger Wylie  www.kitherapies.ca

♥Carol is very gifted and committed to her work with the angels. I have found her meditations and readings to be very insightful in guiding my own connections with the angels which have a profound effect in my life. I would highly recommend Carol’s classes to help increase the intuitive creative sense and general well being of our mental, spiritual and physical self. 

Dorothy Newey, Pauldor Creative & Positive Thinking –www.dorothynewey.com

♥Carol Blackburn keeps good company… she hangs out with angels.

Her warmth and kind-hearted generosity as a teacher and guide are a testament to that bond.

I’ve had the good fortune to experience Carol’s guidance on several occasions; she swings wide open the inner angelic realms where the priceless gems of keeping company with angels, and calling upon them for strength, wisdom and love, is not only made more accessible –  but we learn to recognize it as our birthright.

-Irene R.

♥Hi Carol…I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you for a wonderful evening on Wed.  I honestly enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next.  It left me so calm, and I was able to stop worrying about life since then.  I have the beautiful image in my mind when the angel gave me a ball

of light.  Also, when I was given my bag of worries back, the  black bag which I gave was heavy and full looking, and when it was returned, it was light, in weight, and empty.  Wow!  I am trying to carry those images

when my mind goes to negative places.

Once again…I do thank you for everything.  Please let me know when the next one is.  I would love to attend once a month.

-Sending you a dolly Hug, Gisele -www.giselecrafts.com

♥Carol, After seeing you this past Saturday at close to closing time at the home-based business and craft fair, my life took a turn I never expected. I had one of the most uplifting and positive experiences throughout the weekend – a major breakthrough – confidence, bright light and a feeling of having been uplifted and transformed. It has been so beautiful that when I continued to give thanks throughout the weekend, I cried from a place of gratitude. I keep your business card in my purse beside my front door keys and my car keys for reasons of feeling the security and confidence as I walk in and out of my dwelling. Yesterday, I even found a CD entitled Angels at a garage sale and spiritual books. The weekend was one with the theme – angels – and Light…

I would like to thank you from a deep place in my soul for the love, understanding, energy and especially for lifting the black veil from deep within me. May God bless you and see the beautiful results of the gift he has bestowed on you.

I will be attending your guided angel meditation circle on Thursday.. I know I need to keep in close touch with you. Please reserve a spot for me and send confirmation. Thank you.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”-Albert Schweitzer

 -S.S. Montreal Canada

♥The first time I met Carol was where she was presenting herself to a group of people interested in her craft – meditation and her connection to the Angelic realm.

Her voice, her down to earth methods are what has given me belief in her. 

I love the fact that her honesty dictates that she is to teach so one can connect without her help.  I have met privately and in different meditation sessions with Carol and love this woman.   Your path will be widened with Carol at your side as I know mine has and will continue. 


♥I saw Carol because I was wondering about my career path, as I have been very unhappy for many months.  My first session led me to a place where I was surprised to learn, something was coming, and the premonition panned out, but with my boyfriend and not my boss…but I was already prepared so I took the news in stride. If you can imagine, I did not quit my job but I was ‘released’ from a relationship that did not honour me.  I was not distressed at all because I new changes were emminant.  Something in me was ready to change, I just never faced what the truth was to be.

We made a second appointment, a few weeks later. This time, I was focused on my career path and I made statements with which I felt the universe was driving me…Carol, with the help of our angels, even pulled the cards of the Blessed Mary and Jesus, and I was convinced that it was time to put my future in the hands of God, start preparing the way for wonderful things to come in and realize that my angels communicate with me daily.

My ears ring constantly. I know, with Carol’s guidance, that this is really from my spirit guide and my angels…I just wish they spoke English so I could understand them! LOL

-God bless, Patty