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Portrait of Chandrael a Guardian Angel
I was commissioned to channel this portrait of Chandrael-a Guardian Angel

Would you like to connect with your Guardian Angels and/or the Divine Realm?     I would be delighted help you with this! The Angels welcome the opportunity to support you with their loving grace and wisdom!

I regularly lead Guided Angel Meditation Angel Circles in many locations, including people’s homes. Wherever we hold a circle we create a beautiful sacred space in an intimate setting.

It is a lovely energy to bring into your life.

I am also available for private sessions in which I give intuitive readings where we connect with each individuals Angelic/Divine Family and can receive  answers to our questions, guidance, insight’s and love!

I work with clients to clear blockages in their chakras and their life journey, discover their souls purpose, to delve into their past lives, to set plans for the future and upon occasion to connect with their dearly departed loved ones.

Connections can be made in person, by phone or e-mail. 

Gift certificates available!

To make an appointment or reserve a place at one of our                                 Guided Angel (or Yeshua) Meditation Circles or events please

call: Carol 514-631-5759 or 

Angel Intuitive Counselor, psychic, medium, mystic, Angelic Advocate
Carol has been holding Guided Angel Meditations since 2009.