Guardian Angels-An Article

Guardian Angels-An Article
Written by Alison Carol Blackburn
Dorval QC

Each of us is guided by a group of entities as we walk our life path. However it is only when we begin to open up spiritually that we bring the action of the Angels into our lives.

There are the Watcher Angels who wait until we begin to aspire towards greater spiritual awareness. In order to help me understand this during a meditation I was shown the top of a high rise building.  On the rooftop were evenly spaced skylight windows. The rows went off into eternity in each direction that I looked.

Kneeling over each of the skylights was an Angel! As I approached an Angel I could see through the skylight to the person busy in the apartment below. As I watched I saw their life unfold.

I understood that each of us has one of these beloved beings of light watching over us. As soon as we start to seek God (however one experiences God) we call the Angels into action. That is when they become our Guardian Angels.

As our Guardian Angels they will place in our path things, people, synchronistic events to help us along our journey. They cannot force us to accept or use any of that which they put before us until and unless we give our express permission. Our Creator has given us the gift of freewill. That gift is respected by the Realm of the Shining Ones.

My Mother passed away in April of 1996. It was one of the darkest periods of my life. It was hard to breath. I felt bereft.

With my mothers death I felt a strong need to know what happened when we died. I asked our family priest and he told me that it was a mystery. That answer was not what I needed to hear! I decided to research near death experiences. While researching this topic I found out many wonderful things. One of the most important was that Angels were real and that they weren’t reserved for only the most holy amongst us! With time I understood that it was my questioning that opened up my relationship with the Angels.

I read that we could make friends with the Angels! I read that we could communicate with the Angels!!  Well, I didn’t hesitate for a moment!
Since that time I have been studying, praying, and meditating regularly to increase my connection to the Angelic realm.

A wonderful woman by the name of Flower A, Newhouse explained that the Angels watch for the spark of light that indicates someone is awakening to their spiritual aspects. As this happens the Angels come in to help us. They are not interactive with everyone. There must be love present within the person in order for them to connect with us. This love may be the tiniest speck but once we have given them permission they begin to help us to refine our relationship with Creator.

Often after we connect with these wonderful beings our lives start to shift and change. Sometimes the changes create great upheaval within our lives. For example a wife asks the Angels to help her to have a happier marriage. The next thing the lady knows, her husband has left her! This does bring her some disarray and anguish in her life but then she meets a new man and ends up marrying him and being very happy. If the lady works with the Angelic energy she will find that while there are still bumps and jolts along the path, that the time and intensity of the difficulties starts to change. She finds that she recovers much more quickly.

In my personal experience it all hurt much more when I resisted the guidance I was given. At times I grew afraid that they would leave me in frustration as I worked through my fears but they never abandoned me, rather they encouraged me.

As soon as I asked to connect with the Angels there were results! You can ask them to help you with a small task such as finding a great parking spot or asking them to send you a sign that is very clear! Then things start to happen, such as feathers and coins appearing, or butterflies and birds behaving in mysterious ways! Thank them for the gift and enjoy engaging them again and again.

It is through prayer that we speak to the Universe, it is through meditation that we can hear their side of the conversation!

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